Ventilation Vs. Air Conditioning

Ventilation Air Conditioning

Are you building your brand new home? For sure, you have already discussed about ventilation and air-conditioning systems with you preferred builder. By now, you must have already learned that there’s a very large difference between the two. 

If you are looking for a solution to bad quality air, then the ventilation, as well as aid conditioning systems, can serve the purpose. They work on the mechanism of emitting the bad quality air outside and directing fresh air inside the building. However, it is vital to understand the difference between the two to reap the maximum benefits.

Air Conditioning:

An air conditioning system works by using the internal air to heat and cool it before sending it back into the room. In short, the AC cleverly recycles the air and continues to do us until the room is adequately warm or cool.

The AC, however, does not remove toxins and harmful gasses in the air. Therefore, it may be used to ventilate a place where the requirement is limited to cooling the room. A room with AC will still need a system to remove pollens, toxins, and air pollutants while supplying the room with fresher and cleaner air.

Ventilation System:

A ventilation system, on the other hand, purifies the indoor air by removing toxins. The ventilation lets in fresh air from the outside and lets it mix with the room air while allowing the room air to escape outside. Many houses and offices have a ventilation system installed that helps in ensuring the good health of the employees and productivity.

Ventilation systems and ACs work through different phenomena. The ACs are designed to cool the rooms and maintain comfortable room temperature. The ventilation system, however, is intended to enable owners to remove toxins and pollutant air from the room. Improper ventilation can lead to some serious health concerns such as asthma, anxiety, and headache. 

Inadequate ventilation in the office can make employees feel sick and lower productivity. Therefore, it is essential to have a room or workplace well ventilated while ensuring a comfortable room temperature.

To be sure that you’re getting the best ventilation system for your home as well as your AC, speak with an HVAC expert and your home builder too. Here are some tips on where to find the right home builder.